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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Off with Her Head.

THIS. is what happens when someone gets a BIGGER head than they already have...
Perez has started his own "FASHION" BLOG.
I think that a BIG "WTF" is in order. Since when did fashion become XL shirts specially made for your fat ass. I would like to use this certain post to rant about this because not only does he have his own Celebrity Gossip site, he now has a "Fashion" blog in which he is already bashing Kate Moss , or as he calls her "CoKate" for getting to 2 covers on Vogue right after the other.
When I found out about "Coco Perez", named after the infamous Coco Chanel I'm sure, which he will never become, I literally wanted to vomit.

When I hear the word "fashion", the word "Perez" NEVER comes to mind.
All I can think of is when he was on MTV Cribs and they showed his closet where he went on to show his bedazzled Unicorn Velour jacket.

Please shut this website down. But don't visit it. It will give him hits and what he really deserves is another hit to the face by Will.i.am. WOOPS!

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