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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bite Me.

Friday, May 29, 2009

HelloOoO ChicagoOoOo!!! Part 2

Yesterday I had to pull out some "slump" and "pout" skills when I passed the Burberry store. The wind is SO powerful in Chicago and makes it SO cold! Now I know why I have seen so many trenches sported throughout the city...which brings me to say that I think I should start saving for mine again. I decided to wait until I got to NY, but seeing all of them while I was in Chicago made me want one again!
-Finally got to Marc by Marc Jacobs today & a return to Louis Vuitton so that I could get the Stephen Sprouse book...such a great and successful shopping/touring trip!
We went to see Mary Poppins tonight at the Cadillac Place downtown and it was amazing!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fold Em Let Em Hit Me Raise Baby Stay with Me. I Love It.

Lady Gaga has given in and has "covered" Rolling Stone. Noooooooooo. I'm glad she is getting the press, but I hate that everyone thinks "Poker face" is NEW when I have been listening to it for a year already. 
& came across this Karl drawing today and I have to post it. 
& who knew that Emma Watson from Harry Potter and Karl are BFF now?! Pretty cool. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HelloOoO ChicagoOoOo!!! Part 1

-AmTrak @ 4:35 A.M. - UGH.
-Check in to our hotel around 10ish. 
(view from hotel room)
- Less than 500 feet from the MECA that is Louis Vuitton.
-Went to Navy Pier to sight-see from the tip-top on the Ferris Wheel. 

-And then to Michigan Ave. to SHOP!
-Bodyguard caught me before I could take a picture with the trunk acting like I was pulling out drawers. Ruined all the fun, but I did manage to get SOME pictures on the 'ole iPhone. 

(I look a little crazy in this picture because I want this case SO bad, but unless a $800 check falls in front of me as I'm walking by the store tomorrow then I'm not going to get it.)

-Coffee with Rhonda and riding the "L" -Major Highlight of the trip. SO glad I got to see her!


Friday, May 22, 2009


Put it All on Me. I Am Anyone you want Me to Be.

So, maybe you didn't know this, but singer Cassie recently shaved her head and it looked chic at first, but now she is complaining about the up-keep. I mean, did she not think she would have to look like G.I. Jane and Britney for at least half a year before it started getting long again? Shame, Shame,...sadly I don't think anyone is thinking "of the way 'you' do" now with half a head of hair. Not that sexy anymore. (-5 points) (The CUT)

As much as I made fun of the Kanye West collaborated Louis sneakers, I sort of want a pair now. =/ They just seem like such an iconic piece to any fashion fanatic's collection. They are hella expensive so that is a ne
gative, but I'll have to keep everyone updated and in the mean-time find a way around the $870 price tag! 

Recession got you down? Need a new mode of transportation?! Sell your car for this chic Chanel Segway! 

AND Marc Jacobs men's fedoras?! Insanely Amazing.

Then Why do you have Drums you Fistful of Assholes?!

Infinite Playlist!!!
 Definitely in the running for my favorite movie of ALL time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The Cast of Glee performing 

New band I have fallen for, Planet Funk. This song is 
great for a windows down/ hot summer day, "Lemonade".

This song is so catchy to me. It's called 

Glee with "gLee".

"gLee", a new show starting this Fall on FOX is about a teacher who takes over the responsibilities of his school's Glee Club and gets a football player to look inside of himself and join the club and make it amazing. 

I watched the Pilot on Hulu this morning because I passed it on t.v. last night expecting it to be lame, but when I woke up and saw all the hype online, I figured I should give it a shot.
Glee has a great a cast so far, (including a cameo part on the football team by Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus' boyfriend) and I have a feeling if viewers stay tuned and dedicated once it starts in the Fall then it could stick around for a while. Plus, it's an hour long---hopefully it will stay that way. I mean, a great teen-comedy/drama show for an hour every week. I don't think television could handle it since the cancellation of Popular
Update! : the creator of "Glee" also created "Popular". WOW. No wonder I like it so much

Popular ran from 1999-2001 & it was cancelled after only 2 seasons, and it aired when I was in Elementary school, but it was great, and I still CANNOT figure out why it was cancelled. 
At least it's on DVD! 

Anyway! WATCH the Pilot on Glee on HULU fast because it's only available for about 20 days!
UPDATED @ 5:45P.M. on May 20, 2009 --- The Pilot of Glee is free on iTunes for a limited time! Go grab it and watch!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MTV : the new IFC?

First, MTV presented Britney : For the Record, where she gave viewers an inside look into what her life is really like, and gave one of the first/complete interviews she's given in years. 
(now available on DVD.)

NOW, MTV plans to show Paris Hilton 
in her own documentary as well.
Planned to be shown on MTV this Summer. 
(trailer below)

New Moon

The poster for the second movie in the Twilight saga "New Moon" was leaked yesterday...which was not suppose to be released until this morning, so have a look!! & ALSO, Rob, Kristen, and Taylor are set to present the first sneak peek of "New Moon" on the MTV Movie Awards on May 31st!!! I can hardly wait!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Lovin'

As Summer weather approaches, I would like to share my Must-Have pieces for the season. 

1. A simple White V-Neck of course. (shown: Hanes)

2. Nice pair of comfortable/light-weight/"airy" Jeans. (Preferably Seven's, but not necessary.)

3. And as odd as this sounds, a nice cut-off/denim short is very comfortable and apparently coming back in style (which was shown in one of my previous blogs). (shown: Levi's)
4. Also colorful shorts are a great choice to put together with a simple shirt and stand out! (shown: Ralph Lauren Polo)

5. Classic sunglasses are always in style, so why not look great with the sun in your eyes with classic Wayfarers & Aviators. 
(shown: Ray-ban & Tom Ford)

6. Men's gladiator sandals have not made their break into the main-stream world outside of the runway, BUT if you're as daring as I am, you'll try a pair & if you're not in the mood to go all out and buckle in then try a nice durable flip-flop, but not those cheap ones, try Havaianas.
7. Also, a comfortable boat shoe or slip-on is great for the "on-the-go" situations that Summer brings.
8. Colorful belts are great to tie around the shorts and let them hang down through the loop and add another pop to the outfit so that it offsets the other colors. 
(shown: J-Press)

9. White Jeans. (enough said...as LOUD as they are, 
EVERYONE knows they are a Summer must.)
(shown: Levi's)

10. For those breezy Summer nights try a cool cardigan to keep you in the Summer feel. 

11. AND if you're DARING & IN THE MOOD TO IMPRESS, a nice Fedora is always a nice accessory to any outfit that has a laid-back feel. 
(shown: J-Press; fedora)