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Friday, May 22, 2009

Put it All on Me. I Am Anyone you want Me to Be.

So, maybe you didn't know this, but singer Cassie recently shaved her head and it looked chic at first, but now she is complaining about the up-keep. I mean, did she not think she would have to look like G.I. Jane and Britney for at least half a year before it started getting long again? Shame, Shame,...sadly I don't think anyone is thinking "of the way 'you' do" now with half a head of hair. Not that sexy anymore. (-5 points) (The CUT)

As much as I made fun of the Kanye West collaborated Louis sneakers, I sort of want a pair now. =/ They just seem like such an iconic piece to any fashion fanatic's collection. They are hella expensive so that is a ne
gative, but I'll have to keep everyone updated and in the mean-time find a way around the $870 price tag! 

Recession got you down? Need a new mode of transportation?! Sell your car for this chic Chanel Segway! 

AND Marc Jacobs men's fedoras?! Insanely Amazing.

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