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Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Lovin'

As Summer weather approaches, I would like to share my Must-Have pieces for the season. 

1. A simple White V-Neck of course. (shown: Hanes)

2. Nice pair of comfortable/light-weight/"airy" Jeans. (Preferably Seven's, but not necessary.)

3. And as odd as this sounds, a nice cut-off/denim short is very comfortable and apparently coming back in style (which was shown in one of my previous blogs). (shown: Levi's)
4. Also colorful shorts are a great choice to put together with a simple shirt and stand out! (shown: Ralph Lauren Polo)

5. Classic sunglasses are always in style, so why not look great with the sun in your eyes with classic Wayfarers & Aviators. 
(shown: Ray-ban & Tom Ford)

6. Men's gladiator sandals have not made their break into the main-stream world outside of the runway, BUT if you're as daring as I am, you'll try a pair & if you're not in the mood to go all out and buckle in then try a nice durable flip-flop, but not those cheap ones, try Havaianas.
7. Also, a comfortable boat shoe or slip-on is great for the "on-the-go" situations that Summer brings.
8. Colorful belts are great to tie around the shorts and let them hang down through the loop and add another pop to the outfit so that it offsets the other colors. 
(shown: J-Press)

9. White Jeans. (enough said...as LOUD as they are, 
EVERYONE knows they are a Summer must.)
(shown: Levi's)

10. For those breezy Summer nights try a cool cardigan to keep you in the Summer feel. 

11. AND if you're DARING & IN THE MOOD TO IMPRESS, a nice Fedora is always a nice accessory to any outfit that has a laid-back feel. 
(shown: J-Press; fedora)

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