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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fashion Films for Fall 13/14

There is a controversy over this short fashion film for the Louis Vuitton FW13/14 collection. The collection was presented with models exiting what were perceived as hotel rooms in the looks which we're slanky, yet sophisticated sparking a tagline as a "Vuitton slumber party". Apparently that was not the vision Marc Jacobs had in mind after seeing this video featuring some of the seasons featured beauties, most importantly Cara Delevingne. I remember seeing prostitutes during my visit to Paris, but they were not in town cars and most definitely not in Vuitton. The collection was beautiful nonetheless, and I see no reason for an uproar when the clothing and the sexiness they exude should be the focus. 

GIRLS creator and star Lena Dunham has had quite a year with her golden globe win and overnight success of the show reaching out to the twenty something's of the generation, (and almost an every household name). Now she's having a family affair with her next project for Rachel Antonoff's Fall 13 short film. Rachel Antonoff, NY designer and Jack Antonoff of FUN's sister, (dating Lena Dunham) has become a household name herself in the fashion world. The film features Antonoff's designs from the FW13 line, Dunham's sister, Grace (also from Tiny Furniture), along with a narration by Girls' own Adam Driver. The collection looks great and Dunham captures the looks with everyday freshness and not too much like you're waiting for a surprisal sex scene. Kidding...
Love you Lena and love the collection Rachel.