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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MyScoop.us| Spring Fashion Vacation Shoot, March 2011.| Photography by Andrew Hester

MyScoop.us| Spring Fashion Shoot, March 2011.| Photography by Andrew Hester
(...for more shots & still-lifes from the shoot, view them on my Flickr!)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

McQueen's Bondage Angels - FW11 Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton

-The Dominating yet Angelic Woman (S&M Angels)

With almost a year under her belt as the Creative Director of Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton has stayed true to the part I loved most about the McQueen's work while he was alive. ---Keeping the female form present, but transforming her into a dominating superhuman. The FW11 collection was very monochromatic with only a few lilac colored looks close to the end of the collection. The rumors of Burton designing soon to be wed Kate Middleton's wedding dress are still rumors, but I'm sure that after seeing this collection, the fashion world sure is hoping that finale gown was a sign. Soft elements from white fur and looks with white fabrics rushing out from the bottoms of most of the gowns. Hard elements on top of the pure like dresses with black leather formed to fit the forms of the models complete with collar straps and breast plates. I love the bondage aspect of the collection...that to me, is what kept it very 'McQueen' and powerful. Dresses and hardware/shoes made out of broken mosaic ceramic patterns into corsets on top of the flowing white floor length bottoms. I mean, it can't be a McQueen show without a little sex and feathers flying, right?! Again, Sarah Burton has produced a breath of fresh air for the FW11 Alexander McQueen collection.

Photo courtesy of VOGUE.com