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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's a Thief in the Night to Come and Grab You.


UA. Vs. TN. Gameday Style

Vintage McQueen and Anew.

Ok, So apparently I'm behind on my "Style Icon" family tree research because I have just recently been brought to the attention that THE Steve McQueen has a grandson, whose name is STEVEN McQueen, and he's already in the Hollywood spotlight. He is on the CW's Vampire Diaries, which I have not watched, so therefore maybe a hint to why I don't know who he is...UNTIL I saw that FLAUNT Magazine (which did not have the profile on their website, but oh well. =/) did a profile piece on him.

Anyway, now that I've been informed of this possible/hopeful passing down of Classic Style through the genes of McQueen, I will now be on the lookout!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The New Modern Trench Coat?

Is the "Marching/Military" jacket trend that has been sweeping the Fashion World by storm these past few Seasons going to become a Classic piece or is it already?

The concept of the jacket itself seems to have been around for a while, even when Michael Jackson was first blowing up into a Phenomenon, he was sporting the trend in the 1980's. He also kept the trend going up to his recent death by wearing the new modernized version that which most know about now from Balmain.

I honestly think that Balmain is the one to receive credit for modernizing the jacket into such an Iconic piece for the Millennium and Michael Jackson for bringing the trend to the spotlight over his time of reign as the King of Pop.

In Conclusion. I DO truly believe that this will be an Iconic piece for both Men and Women to go down in Fashion History along with the Burberry trench and Thigh-High Boot.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wish List

1. Frye Harness Boots


3. The YSL Manifesto Eco Tote

-It's not REALLY that much to much to ask for, right?!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. (200th Post!)


I was given the opportunity by myScoop.us to take photos of girls with Great Game-day Style on a University Holiday. I had a GREAT time doing it, and I felt like UA's own Sartorialist doing it. If this is what lies ahead in my career, I am completely be ecstatic. People in Fashion Journalism are completely different than those in the News Industry, and I LOVE IT.

Thanks again to my GREAT FRIEND, Grant for recommending me for the job, and to Marina Battles and Amy Bailey who trusted me to do a good job!!!

Here (below) are some of my favorite snaps from yesterday!

(I also ran into a Fellow UA Fashion Blogger, Elizabeth Hunt, who has impeccable style, (as you can tell from the photo), and here's her LINK! Check it out!)

(Ms. "Darlingly Cute" Samantha Owens) :-)

Walking On A Dream

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Imma Let You Finish...Your Tour

Lady Gaga was planned to tour with Kanye West this year, but after a small misunderstanding, (which was never addressed directly to the public on the circumstances), Lady Gaga is going alone!
Go Ga!

Here's the tour schedule and poster!

& Just a reminder to everyone, NO ONE will have what Gaga and I have...it's Special.

Read You Like a Book.

And you should too!!!

'Lickshot' : a Photo Scrapbook.
By : Ben Watts (List Price: $50)

'Grunge' : a look at the Grunge lifestyle/fashion scene.
By : Michael Lavine (List Price: $24.95)

'Louis Vuitton : Art, Fashion, and Architecture'
: a look at the Collaborations with LV
and artists over time and the overall "class"
added to the name that is Vuitton.
By: Louis Vuitton and Various Contributors (List Price :$85)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

StopTalking Fall09 Soundtrack (Pt.III)

Miike Snow "In Search Of"

Tricky "Veronika"

Friendly Fires "White Diamonds"

Friendly Fires "Photobooth"

Imogen Heap "Wait It Out"

Major Lazer feat. Nina Sky "Keep It Goin Louder"(Diplo Remix)

"Body Control" (Megan Fox post, You get the Gist.)

Megan Fox could maybe in the running
to take over the world in 2010.
Making her a household name after
Transformers I & II and Jennifer's Body,
Megan will be the new campaign model for Emporio Armani previously
modeled by Posh (Victoria Beckham).
So it looks like Megan will be proving herself
in the Fashion World soon.
But, it's not like the Fashion World doesn't
already love her so it shouldn't be too hard.
The Campaign will run in 2010. (TheCUT/NyMag)

(Victoria's ad with Megan's face on Beckham's body)

Megan was also recently featured on the cover of
which also had a spread of Chace Crawford(!!) from GG(!!)

(Original cover of Wonderland)

(Photo courtesy of Emporio Armani and Wonderland Magazine)