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Friday, October 23, 2009

The New Modern Trench Coat?

Is the "Marching/Military" jacket trend that has been sweeping the Fashion World by storm these past few Seasons going to become a Classic piece or is it already?

The concept of the jacket itself seems to have been around for a while, even when Michael Jackson was first blowing up into a Phenomenon, he was sporting the trend in the 1980's. He also kept the trend going up to his recent death by wearing the new modernized version that which most know about now from Balmain.

I honestly think that Balmain is the one to receive credit for modernizing the jacket into such an Iconic piece for the Millennium and Michael Jackson for bringing the trend to the spotlight over his time of reign as the King of Pop.

In Conclusion. I DO truly believe that this will be an Iconic piece for both Men and Women to go down in Fashion History along with the Burberry trench and Thigh-High Boot.

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