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Monday, May 4, 2009

I Live...To be Model Thin, Dress Me, I'm your Mannequin.

2 Words.
& the Hits & Misses... (according to me).

Of course the hosts have to look their best. Here are Marc and Kate. I cannot stand Kate Moss, but with Marc on her side, she can do no harm right now. (HIT)

Madonna...enough said. I think she was trying to channel a LouisVuitton look, but it did not work. (MISS)

Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively & Leighton Meester. (I'm in awe with both as usual.)

The Olsen twins. I mean, Mary-Kate Olsen (HIT) and Ashley Olsen (HIT) (withe the guy from National Treasure?!). Still of course, Always on target as usual.

Rihanna. Sadly, I think Chris knocked the "couture cord" loose during their beatdown or something because this was a MESS. & a (MISS)

Last but not least on my list of hits and misses, Anne Hathaway. (HIT...of course).

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