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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HelloOoO ChicagoOoOo!!! Part 1

-AmTrak @ 4:35 A.M. - UGH.
-Check in to our hotel around 10ish. 
(view from hotel room)
- Less than 500 feet from the MECA that is Louis Vuitton.
-Went to Navy Pier to sight-see from the tip-top on the Ferris Wheel. 

-And then to Michigan Ave. to SHOP!
-Bodyguard caught me before I could take a picture with the trunk acting like I was pulling out drawers. Ruined all the fun, but I did manage to get SOME pictures on the 'ole iPhone. 

(I look a little crazy in this picture because I want this case SO bad, but unless a $800 check falls in front of me as I'm walking by the store tomorrow then I'm not going to get it.)

-Coffee with Rhonda and riding the "L" -Major Highlight of the trip. SO glad I got to see her!


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