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Monday, August 3, 2009

In Your Brown Eyes.

Rumor has it that Lady Gaga, Marc Jacobs, and V Magazine are planning a party.

1. I can't imagine the Guest List!
2. I can't can't EVEN BEGIN to imagine the Dress Code!
3. & Since I love all 3 of them, when will my invitation be arriving?

& after recent blogging, I feel that I need this (above) jacket...desperately need it.
I've had it pulled to my desktop for so long without blogging about it that I misplaced what blog I gathered it from. I think it was (Men.Style)
FOUND IT --- (8/6/09)
Under the Fall 2009 Buyer's Guide for only $1,680. *Exclusively at Barney's.
I think Gaga, MJ, and V would all approve.
Now to take out a loan, and add it to the list of things that I'll be putting my life into financial danger to survive in the Fashion World. :-)

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