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Monday, August 31, 2009

Everyone will be Famous for 15 Minutes.


On the Cover : Natalie Portman
Interviewed by Jake Gyllenhaal (LINK)

Chace Crawford has done VMAN before, and Ed Westwick has done Interview before, now it's Chace's turn to do Interview. He's stepping outside of his typical Preppy/Armani style (if those two can even be slashed together as I just did) & slicking back the hair and wearing Prada suits and tattoos. In the spread he talks about Gossip Girl (of course), living with Ed Westwick, his Mom, and most importantly, Footloose. He will taking over the role after winning it from Zac Efron. (Chace is a much better Kevin Bacon than Zac any day.) (LINK)

The issue also focuses in on The September Issue, and what Interview calls "Vintage Wintour".

What I love about Interview is that MY $10 is worth the subscription because they ALWAYS give me what I want in EVERY issue. High Fashion in a World in a current Depressed State of Mind. It gives me motivation. Ahhh.

(ALL LINKS & PHOTOS courtesy of InterviewMagazine©)

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