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Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Thug Means Not Having to Apologize."

-Officially started on Season 3 of Weeds. It's becoming one of my favorite shows!

Had coffee with Chris Nix today. Good to catch up and nice to have someone who would tell me truth about hats in Urban. Ha, oh wait, that was Grant.  Then went for a late lunch at Cocina with Grant and then to Hollister to see how all of "that" is going... and then went to look at Z-Gallerie at furniture and art ideas. 
     I bought this shirt on the excursion. Sort of childish, but I liked it a lot, enough to ask the girl in the front room where I can find it since it was on a girl's mannequin. Haha I should be able to pull it off with the right light-weight cardigan. Nice summer shirt. 

Also, I recently found out from someone (who I
 would rather remain nameless)'s facebook photo albums that Lady Gaga's back-up dancers wear the Louis Vuitton, Stephen Sprouse Graffiti leggings on here her FAME BALL tour. Pretty insane seeing as how Margaret & I cannot seem to find them anywhere online! (photo evidence enclosed.) 

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