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Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Is It Friday Yet?"

Reset, and it feels so good.

KGTD! was last night and it was great, 1 year in Birmingham. Amazing. (-minus the blisters from my boots =/) 

More importantly, life is going good right now. I am happy with where I am even if I am not succeeding in all aspects. 
I am turning in the deposit Monday for my apartment for the next year. I was just looking at furniture and a new bookcase with my Mom, & I found my huge ass porch Hollister poster in our basement during some moving yesterday. =)

Oh yeah, and we're moving into our new house sooner than expected...now the end of May instead of late July/early August. 
We will soon have a view of downtown and huge backyard for me to lay in and read and have fashion shows in...just kidding, but who knows?!

Registered for classes yesterday at 7 A.M.! ...or attempted to, I need some help from my Advisor so she can override some things and hopefully I'll be on track.

Anyway, about to work out on the Wii Fit and go with GB, when he gets off of work to the Art Museum and Brookwood to say goodbye to our Hollister. 


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