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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Awake Is The New Sleep.

I am just waking up from the longest dream that consists of about 4 different parts and they were ALL so confusing to me. (Very detailed, Sorry for that ahead of time...I just feel that every part of a dream means something important.) & some of the actions that happened in the dream are things that I wish would happen so it freaked me out. 
  1. On a hiking trail taking pictures with one of my friends.
  2. Then come out of the woods/nature area and step onto a bus which has been situated so that twin-size beds can fit between some of the regular bus seats. I sit down on a bed, and one of my friends propositions me to make out with them. 
  3. I accept their offer, (haha), and we begin to clear off the bed. Once the bed is cleared, the bus stops and Blake Lively walks past me to get off at the stop and grabs my arm as if I was suppose to get off. Once off the bus, she asks me if I'm up for going to a party and asks why I was talking to my friend on the bus because she didn't like them at all. 
  4. We go into the party which is trashy and looks like it could shut down at any minute now. I turn around and Blake is already doing two shooters of some drink that is glowing. I then look over and a plate is being thrown at my other friend at the party by a young boy. I punch the boy which knocks him out, and we proceed to leave. For some reason, every one is running outside away from the direction we are walking towards. The bus is still outside at the curb where it dropped us off, and walking away from the bus is a man who just put a gun into his blue-jean jacket. I look at the bus and my friend who propositioned me to make out on the bus is lying on the ground by the steps of the bus. 
& then I woke up.

Pretty much the most intense dream I have ever had & I have no idea what to think of it.
I need to invest in a Dream Analyzation book...Now.

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