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Monday, April 6, 2009

At This Pace You're At, You're Going Way Too Fast...

Waking up at 7 A.M. to buy Crimson Tide tickets is worth it I suppose, but sitting in front of the computer until 8:05 with no movement from the same page is torture. 
I thought it would never load. I had been in the "online-waiting room" for over an hour. 

The bed I woke up in was already cold so that was not an option. Then it happened, the page began to load more and more and I placed my order for tickets. So, it was not a total waste.  

But wait, it gets worse, the test I thought I had on Wednesday is tonight at 5:15. I am thrilled. A lie, of course, but I guess I will be reading ALL day long. 
From what I thought was going to be a less than stressful week has turned into the opposite.

-Anyway. I need to stop this and go read, but in the mean-time check out this new band I've recently become obsessed with. They only have a 2 song EP out currently, but it mellows me out, which is always good.  The band is called New Villager

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