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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vogue, Vogue.

Michelle's approval rating must be soaring because her March 2009 VOGUE cover has been named a top seller for the magazine. (WWD)

And Madonna will be back for Louis Vuitton for new ads? This has been confirmed, but no word yet on whether or not her much younger "boyfriend" Jesus will co-star. (NYMAG)  (Photo:
 Getty Images, Courtesy of Louis Vuitton)

Speaking of LV, I CANNOT believe I did not blog this earlier, but I was walking around Saks with my mother this past Saturday just browsing and (sneaking into the LV boutique in our Saks to show off the Sprouse book I want!;) we ran into this piece of art, (below) and I actually got to pick it up and look inside of it. It just made want to be in the fashion industry more than I wanted to before...as if it was all real and all there in the moment and RIGHT OFF THE RUNWAY. 

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