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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Obsessions of 2010. PART I.

BYE 2010. HELLO 2011.

Here are some of my Obsessions from this past year,
...or at least the ones I can remember right now anyway.

James Franco's Art Exhibit in NY's AIR exhibit. : The Dangerous Book Four Boys was intriguing, (sometimes scary) from the voices I heard before seeing where they were coming from, but amazing work that I am happy I got to see and experience in person during my first visit to NY in this past Summer of 2010.
& really...who am I kidding? James Franco, in general (Hospital, if you will...ha, ha, ha)...he has become the prince in the acting world that I always knew he could become and even more. Actor, Artist, Director, Soap Star, Author, and Student all accomplished in one year...
while still achieving looking ridiculously good looking at the same time.

(Left to right Photo by: Joshua Barnes, Taken intended for a header for StopTalking in February 2010 I also submitted the photo to Refinery29.com to win a contest including dinner with (right) Andrew Mukamal in July 2010. Andrew chose my photo and made my 2010. Welcomed to Barney's Saturday afternoon shopping and NY high-rise roof watching, meeting Andrew was the highlight of my year.
Proenza Schouler FW 2010: Made me realize I was "born 2 b fly" and that I too rock sheer black button-downs and letterman jackets and still look relevant. And this also began my new found obsession with Tati Cotliar.
Taylor Lautner- That boy is a monster, and I become a 13 year old werewolf lusting girl
whenever I see him with his very own GQ cover.
The September Issue, even just a small 1hour and 20 some-odd minute documentary about the publication of 2007's September issue makes me want to strive to become a part of the fashion journalism world.
The NEW W: under reign of Stefano Tonchi. I love the 360 he has taken on W as a fashion magazine of the 2000's and beyond editorial wise and pushing the line when it comes to the breaking the norm. I can now enjoy my favorite designers scattered through the pages of a very sophisticated fashion magazine where melted Barbie heads and 5 page editorial spreads of the House of Givenchy can be together in harmony for only $4.99!

The revival of excessive use of Leopard print (!!!) : GIVENCHY SS11 and beyond...leopard is here to stay, and hopefully as a neutral before long.
(Gas masks included.)
PUNK REVIVAL --- Balmain SS11 and Balenciaga SS11, ripped, (and held together just enough by safety-pins) studded, burnt, printed, slick back hairstyles so we can be prepared to give 2011 the kick in the face it needs if things get out hand right before the
"2012 Armageddon."

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