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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Obsessions of 2010. PART II.

Emma Stone. House Bunny, Superbad, ZombieLand,...and then Easy A. (!!!) Red heads never looked so good or sounded so sexy until she came along. A classic look and an improvised humor that comes so natural she has become the 'It" girl for my 2010. She hosted SNL and even got her own Digital short written by Andy Samberg himself!
Sarah Burton's first (Spring 2011) collection under McQueen. Elegant, with all the right effect and without the theatrics of Alexander McQueen, which Burton said she wanted to keep out of it because that was his to keep. Flowing prints, gold woven wheat-grass corsets, and leather laser-cute leaf dresses gave the closure and breath of fresh air McQueen's followers needed to go on.

The Death of Lee Alexander McQueen. This was not exactly an obsession of mine, but it was a major part of my 2010. In February 2010, the fashion world and world alike as a whole lost a man with a mind on a creative roller coaster with no speed-limit. He inspired me for my first piece in my Poetry Tour class of Fall 2010 and my creative decisions since his passing as well.
Now not a day goes by that I don't think "What would McQueen do?"

Prada Spring 2011. Baroque, Baroque, Baroque!!! Made me feel like I was looking at tops with Velvet Underground/Warhol inspired collages all over and barrels of monkeys around the neckline. Spring fashion is all about color and being able to use the clothing to express the season and it did just that. It brought the fun and color back with technicolor fur tails and bright woven bags to excite fashion insiders from the slump of the past's recession-depression.

Florence Welch. aka. Florence and the Machine. Florence has become an icon by her name alone. The drummer of her own beat in her music and fashion has made her a household name in 2010. Another fiery red head that has gotten my creative juices pumping through the year. Lyrics flowing like poems with punches of love and emotion she has a voice physically and within her wordplay that is like no other. A powerful woman who knows what she wants in her music and classic fashion choices is exactly what I loved seeing from her in 2010.

The realization from EVERYONE ELSE that I've been telling since I saw him, that Kanye West is in fact an asshole. Taylor Swift, VMA's, granted I don't enjoy Taylor Swift's choice of music style and methods of working out her repressed post-break-up anger through song, she did not deserve a public and very barbaric interruption at the 2009 VMA's. Wast came out with his "Runaway" as an "apology" and a re-introduction to himself with his new album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", which I do enjoy the introduction piece and "Monster" but that is all. Thank you, (rest of the world) for finally agreeing with me on this in 2010.

Tom Ford's return to Womenswear. Bringing sexy back. It really never left because Tom Ford never left, with his Menswear and scandalous Eyewear ad campaigns to his amazing artistic and dramatic film, A Single Man, Tom Ford proved that he is always relevant. I love the sexiness that exudes from every thing this man touches from his clothing on men and women and his ads that push the limit to the everyday person. Not afraid of an exposed nipple and showing a little too much skin. Natural sex appeal flows through his work and this year during his private viewing of his highly anticipated Spring 2011 collection he proved that he is at the top.

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  1. I knew you would make my fashionable heart beautiful again :D