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Monday, January 17, 2011




OLIVIA WILDE in MARCHESA. -Marchesa is one of those houses that has that star-studded effect on those who the dress chooses. This happened. Olivia Wilde is already beautiful, and when I saw her in this, I knew it was going to trump every dress I saw after. It looked as if she was levitating down the carpet and it reminds of a star-filled sky.
(-plus I love a Prom/ball sized tulle-d bottom.)

ANNE HATHAWAY in ARMANI PRIVE'. -Anne Hathaway has become a style icon when it comes to her glam appearances at Award shows and her simplistic everyday style. This Armani look complimented both of those sides. From neck to toe covered in rosy champagne beads, she looks has that over-the-top Old Hollywood look.
The open back is my favorite, and the fit is so flattering on her that it looks effortless.

EMMA STONE in CALVIN KLEIN COLLECTION. -From a deep red head with a humor and look like no other to a tan blonde red carpet bombshell. The peachy minimal short-sleeve look is PERFECT. The fit is perfect, the color is perfect,...even the hair is perfect. Emma Stone has made her mark as a beautiful young woman.
LEIGHTON MEESTER in BURBERRY. -Classic. Immediately I'm drawn to the shoulders, waist, and slit at the knee. Best known for taking chances with her look, she made a great choice with a classic pattern that fits her without a flaw.

JANUARY JONES in VERSACE. -As the new SS11 Versace campaign spokesmodel, and always looking stunning while doing it, why would she not choose Versace? Full of sex appeal and on trend red, January knows how to stand out without going too far. Channeling Jayne Mansfield, she looks breath-taking and is continuing to prove herself as a red carpet headliner.
MICHELLE WILLIAMS in VALENTINO. -Michelle's look was a favorite of mine. Not necessarily by itself, but on her because it is very much like her style which the Fashion world has come to love. Channeling Mia Farrow in 'Gatsby', the head to toe daises and frill would be perfect for a modern Daisy Buchanan. She even said it was not especially made for her, but with all of the details and adjustments made it might has well been.

HALLE BERRY in NINA RICCI. -I love looks with any sheer black involved and the double slit in front revealing her legs adds to the "it" factor. Halle Berry looks ageless in this and she turned a black dress into a BLACK DRESS that has to be watched.
It fits her perfectly and shows just enough skin.

As much I love watching the red carpet and award shows for the looks throughout...I still get sort of weirded out when I see my favorite grungy male actors who usually have amazing sex-hair get all dressed up.

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