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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is it too soon for a Michael Vick joke?! - A LOOK AT MENSWEAR FW11


"Ten Hut!"
"Let there be light?"
"Who Let the Dogs out?
Bruce Weber for YSL Menswear F11
Gaga for MUGLER Menswear F11


The collection was full of military trends with structure and fit, but also in color. Deep red, white, and black. Also ending with some nice suits, (not shown) which looked like they had actual tailoring done to them. Is Sarah Burton reworking the McQueen suit from 'boxy' to 'fitting'? Either way, a nice change that might do very well for the Menswear business of McQueen. The McQueen abstract textured prints are still working their way into Burton's so far collections, and I'm sure that is exciting to see for all of the followers of the McQueen brand name.


Am I going to have to wear color next Fall? I sure hope so if I could make the pops of color like the looks form this show did. Color blocking at its best. Very simple in fit and color with most all looks including black or white pants, but also a splash of a full-on Salmon suit. The textures of the simple shirts and jackets are a nice touch.

If you know me then you know I love it when fashion and American culture "Americana", pop culture or Iconic figures come together. Hi, Warhol. Bringing 'Coca-Cola' and MICKEY together with a twist to give a modern twist on the hipster American look is genius. The look is smart for style and the brand itself because it gives the look no age...it is relatable to all those who Dolce and Gabbana's market tends to relate to. Can you tell I want that 'Coca-Cola' sweater??


Is it too soon for a Michael Vick joke?? Okay...I'm kidding, but not really. Leather, lettermans, fur, plaid, knee-high-high-tops, and even a dog fight. The Letterman trend is here to stay. The look is very relaxed in fit, but full of attitude in the styling. The thing I love about Riccardo Tisci is that the extremities of his collections whether it is the use of color or an excessive amount of a print such as the FULL-ON leopard print (Spring 2011) or the rottweiler dog fight, it adds character and power. Isn't that what fashion is all about? -Having fun with your personal style?

Bruce Weber shot the Yves Saint Laurent Menswear F11 short film. I mean, what's better than watching a show...watching a short film with vision, a script, director of photography, and nude male models dancing to Marvin Gaye, of course!

Lady Gaga featured her remix from her upcoming album 'Born This Way' for the Thierry Mugler Menswear F11 & Nicola Formichetti's first Menswear show ever.
The short film was released the day after the show on the Mugler website.
The video is an artistic dark dream...full of raw and natural anatomical theme, oh yeah, and head to toe tattoos.

MUGLER Fall/Winter 2011-12 from DEPESHA on Vimeo.

ALL photos from GQ.com

UPDATED on JANUARY 28, 2011.

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