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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Art of Androgyny

Androgyny : (an.drodg.a-knee) -
simply means having the physical or natural characteristics
of both a male and a female.
(ALSO: the word androgyny is derived from the Greek words,
'andros' meaning man, and 'gyne' meaning woman.) WEBSTER

Fashion is all about form and how a vision is expressed from the artist's/designer's mind and translating it onto their canvas or in most cases their muse or model. In the real world there seems to be a pretty defined line between what is appropriate for the male and female sexes to wear and be 'expected' to wear to fit the social norms.

Over time this art form has been accepted more and more and well understood in the artistic community and those in the world of fashion. The appeal behind this interesting idea is based on the art of beauty and marketing. By using a form that can be viewed as both male and female it is more likely to be drawn to by more of those who see it other than eliminating the gender line. In 2010 and into 2011, two have taken the runway and ad campaign world by storm, House of Givenchy transsexual model, Lea T, and very pretty boy, Andrej Pejic.

Lea T was featured in Givenchy's FW10 ad campaign and has become a muse like for Riccardo Tisci the past few seasons. Andrej Pejic more recently walked in Jean Paul Gaultier's Couture show and in his Menswear FW11, (both in heels)! He also is in the SS11 Marc by Marc Jacobs & Jean Paul Gaultier SS11 ad campaigns.

Lea T in GIVENCHY's FW 10 ad campaign.

(L to R) Andrej Pejic finale-ing out the JPG FW 11 Menswear show with JPG himself - Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring 11.
(Top to bottom : Andrej appearing in JPG SS11 ad campaign, Andrej again in Marc by Marc Jacobs SS11 ad campaign.)

The androgynous look is so different and hard to forget that it has become iconic over time and has brought some models into the mainstream light and famous because of their intriguing and gender bending look. Such as Cole Mohr, who Marc Jacobs snagged to wear some dresses for his FW08 ad campaign or Agyness Deyn, who can pull off just about anything from a dress to a suit - even channel Michael Jackson in Harper's Bazaar's Sept 09 issue.

Cole Mohr in Marc by Marc Jacobs FW08 ad campaign in drag.
Agyness Deyn in Harper's Bazaar Sept. 09 tribute to the King of Pop in both masculine and feminine looks just like Michael Jackson himself who was a lover of the marching band/military jacket that has made its mark on Menswear and Womenswear over time.

Probably the most recognizable model who became a large influence on androgyny in the industry is Linda Evangelista, who is still modeling ever since she started in 1978. A favorite of the 1990's Chanel shows and campaigns of Karl Lagerfeld and even during his years at Chloe'. Evangelista brought her short hairstyle to womenswear and added a powerful and strong hold onto the top spot during her prime. She gave herself an edge with that bob and now it is all over the fashion world!

Linda Evangelista in 1990's Chloe and Chanel ad campaigns under while Chloe was still under the reign of KLag and Chanel was very on 90's trend electric and Cher Horowitz-like.

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