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Thursday, September 30, 2010



First of all, this is very unprofessional, but yet again, not,... I love blood. I love holes. I love ink.
Balmain is always surprising, but in the best ways. Sexy, scary demanding women in clothes that could stop traffic. Punk revival is in the air, and I mean FULL-ON punk.
FULL-ON "blood stains", pinned together holes, BURN holes, ripped stockings, and of course bleach and ink stains. It wouldn't be punk without bleach and ink.
NOW, the sophisticated and powerful female who wears Balmain will wear the American flag with cigarette burns and tight leather pants. Patriotic fashion with a kick. It's all about placement when it comes to a Balmain look. Also, the pieces are statement pieces that can stand alone on a mannequin and be stared at in awe.

"Tell me about it, stud," - Olivia Newton John as Sandy Olsson in Grease.
Red, leather, cigarettes hanging off the bottom lip. Sort of has a post-makeover and the final scene of Heathers feel to it. That " I just jumped out of a fire, and I'm still amazing" look!

"So lick it up baby, lick, it, up." -Heathers, 1989

My favorite pieces are the simple blood spurt tank, American flag burn hole tank, red leather flash pants and the white and blank ink jeans.

SPRING 2011 BALMAIN was made for me. If you know me, you were probably looking the collection, and wondering if I had picked my jaw off the floor yet after seeing it.

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