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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Biker Heaven - Burberry Prorsum S11


Dear Mr. Christopher Bailey,
(or is it Sir now??...I can't keep up!)

I would like to personally thank you...for bringing one of my favorite pieces of hardware to one of my favorite iconic pieces. Studded & spiked Burberry trenches with motorist pants, leather, leopard, and electric bags. One thing I love about what you have done with Burberry is stayed true to the beauty of Burberry as a brand, but practically turned it into Burberry Bailey with the concepts you have brought to the table. Technique is key, along with attention to detail when placing the buttons, studs, and spikes, and there is no questioning that you are the master at that. The show was relaxing, but also had a "hard" aspect to it with the fabrics and detailing. In June, you gave the boys studs and spikes, and now you've done it for the ladies. There is nothing I love more than a soft and hard element mix, and for things to get a little scary and still be so beautiful.

Summing up, I'd like to thank you again SO VERY MUCH for bringing studs and spikes back from the grunge days and giving it the dignity of the Burberry brand!

Andrew Hester

My favorite pieces of the Spring 2011 collection were...

ENTIRE looks 5 | 10 | &| 36 and OF COURSE the pre-finale 42 FULL-ON studded/spiked jacket!

ENTIRE looks 2 | 3 | 21 | 22 | 26 | 39 | Look 10 cropped motor jacket | and OF COURSE ALSO the Finale FULL-ON studded/spiked jacket!

**ALL photos courtesy of STYLE.com and GQ.com

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