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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Electric Genuises - Proenza SS11


The main reason I love the designers I love is because they always stay true to their vision and style. Proenza's Jack & Lazaro are this...always. It's like a continuation of the Spring 2010 collection. It made me feel like it started right where it left off...by adding the most electric floor length sheer dresses I have seen. A rainbow of colors and it wouldn't be Proenza without a hard element added, and of course without a little ink0-dye throwing action. The sunglasses gave me a Disney Atlantis-esque feel to add to a ethereal mermaid washed up. The detailing on the bottom of the dresses that gives the illusion of a shirt and skirt is intense. Fish like/scale and fin details always come back into my head after seeing the Spring 2010 Collection. Proenza gives a realistic sense when it comes to styling to the perfect amount of "wow" in every look and that gives the viewer/consumer/etc a feeling of reality and thought that it could actually be worn in everyday life. I think that is a major part of fashion that has gone away and is slowly coming back. The realistic-ness to complete looks. Proenza accomplishes this while also having pieces stand out that could be worn alone and be a key piece that "makes" an outfit. I have got to figure out the necklace/hardware collaboration quick and also what is worn as a sort of (leather crocheted sock) with the "Criss Cross Bootie" to give it that boot look.

Aside from the colors which are all eye-popping, my favorite piece by far is (LOOK 11) the black "sting ray" looking bomber jacket!

Leighton "Proenza muse" Meester was there, (and in the picture below) also along with impeccable style icon, Andrew Mukamal!!!

(left: Andrew, Leighton, right: Andrew and I when I went to NY this summer courtesy of the fine people at Refinery29 and Tribeca Grand Hotel in NY! :)

Jack and Lazaro, you can do no wrong, and you seem to be Fashion Princes on your way to becoming Kings in this industry.

(above, photos courtesy of the NEW...VOGUE.com , STYLE.com & top sketch by me!)

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  1. totally agree...love how they stuck with their aesthetic.... loved this show... amazingballs