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Monday, September 20, 2010

Vivienne Westwood | Red | S11

Vivienne Westwood Red Label| Spring 2011

The thing I love about Vivienne Westwood is that at first glance, some of her pieces and entire looks as a whole are a little out there to some. The models are canvases and the clothing is the art, but also then the models become a part of the art as well, and she ALWAYS acts along with this concept. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories. Prints, Prints, Prints. Always pulled in the right places and draped to flatter the female body. This collection, TO Me, was more practical than her past few. She always does this with her individual pieces that become iconic from her planet ring-ed logo on her cartoonish tees and activist-esque slogans. Without being the obnoxious religious person or activist with signs and pickets, she places it on a t-shirt or even better, knee high socks and headbands. Vivienne Westwood has turned the 9-to-5 woman into a feisty lady who should take the sidewalk to show off her liberated self with a two-piece fuchsia suit instead of taking the subway with all those boring uptowners heading to the market, and I love it. Throw some face paint on it and call it amazing!

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