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Visual Journalism Student/ Photographer/Fashion Blogger. I love finding beauty where others don't, and I believe art can be found almost everywhere. Old and new, we can learn from all, and getting to a place where you can realize that is probably the most freeing a person can feel ever. But basically I love Fashion, and the designers are the artists with visions and their canvas' are us and the world, and I love helping spreading that message. "Ultimately isn't that fashion is about? We're all a bunch of big kids playing dress up." Feel free to e-mail me @ andrewwwhester@gmail.com to talk about anything!


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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Finally going public!

no more .blogspot.com, but don't worry, the new domain can still be re-directed from the old website so no need to change those Bookmark addresses unless you're just as excited as I am!
Enjoy & Spread the word!

Happy Spring 11 NY Fashion Week Eve everyone!


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