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Saturday, September 4, 2010


my FALL 2010 inspiration has been fluttering and scattered since all the shows in February, but I think I can finally settle or at least trap a sense of what I want to "show" myself.
The weather is ultimately going to be my real determiner of what I wear, but when has that ever stopped me before...you can always wear fur, cold or hot, full on jacket or a vest.

Color, texture, and prints are going to rule my season and hopefully bring back a little color/life back to my wardrobe. Lots of black, but also red, paint splatter, animal prints, anoraks, heavy heavy coats.

-Military and structure, but also a touch of art to keep everything in balance to juxtapose the hard and soft.
Soft elements like light sweaters with a heavy coat on top. Now, I'm not a farmer or God and cannot predict the weather, but since the was what I can recall in my summers of 21 years of life as the hottest Summer, I would like to predict that the winter be pretty bitter as well.

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