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Monday, October 4, 2010


(My Homemade Givenchy Logo Screenprint)


Leopard. in print. & printed in leather. Givenchy Spring 2011 Womens and Mens were full of classic white and black silhouettes draped in leopard. Gas masks on the men, which I was dying to see on the Women, but instead I saw laser-ed leopard onto a leather vest giving it a distressed soft looking feel...
talking about it makes me want to start selling my blood to buy my own! (!Amazing!)

Riccardo Tisci clearly had an clear vision when presenting this collection. Down to the detailing of the print and the placing of the zippers, (& zippers, & zippers) to accentuate the lines on the hips and form. Floor-length white netted skirts, ruffles, hardware-d belts and socks with heels, disguised cross forms... I don't know if it's because I love animal prints, and that may make a tidbit bias, but oh well, EVERYTHING about this collection is flawless. this White and black are the only colors present in the collection other than the nude and dark brown in the print. The leopard print is very intricate in design thinking of the animal and the idea of disguise and power. Not the king of the animal kingdom, but the leopard sure does have its right to the throne. The print represents power, sexuality and it demands attention. This collection is powerful. Pieces of statement are usually a pop of color or an accessory that gives a look a true individuality, but to have black and white as the statement pieces,
then the true talent is shown.

(Brad Pitt, by Annie Leibovitz, LAS VEGAS, 1994.)

(Leopard shot, by LIFE Magazine photographer,Nina Leen)

(Leopard print Stamp I created last year in Design I. March 2010)

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