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Thursday, October 21, 2010

What is "Scary"?

So, it's that time of the year most people call Fall, and Halloween is coming up so things are supposed to get a little scary right? Is scary always a bad thing?
I think NOT. Imagination is a piece of life that cannot be forgotten
or most of us would be bored to death with ourselves.
Also, who says Halloween is the only time to play dress up and be someone else?
Where's the fun in that? Why not have fun with life and express yourself
in all ways possible ways that are comfortable to yourself??
I think scary can be interesting and intriguing and most things that are disturbing to others
usually intrigue me. This may say something about me as a person, but, I guess I can't help it.
Halloween is like real life on crack and for those in fashion it can sometimes be a "high".
So embrace it, and Happy Halloween from STOPTALKING! :)

Enjoy these photos I've come across this past month that have been "scary" to me!!

(1990's Anna (SO chic) and a black kitten)
Dazed models
(L to R) Lara Stone taking control, Hypno boy
(A Givenchy possessed Prince Pelayo)

(Birds, lots of birds, Hitchcock)


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