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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ode to the Tooth.

My good friend Grant recently sent me an e-mail of with a picture of a jacket from the Bergdorf Goodman website (below) that was featured at the beginning of a designer page, and I decided that it was time I blogged about the Houndstooth and Extreme fashion as a whole!

Alexander McQueen has taken such common patterns such as the Houndstooth and turned them into Revolutionary prints that will always be remembered to the Fashion World because of his extreme vision of 'Extremity'.

(photo credit to STYLE.com)

With his Fall 2009 Collection leaving people confused and/or excited to see the over the top looks, it left me thinking about who I could actually see walking down the road with a bag or feather wig on top of their head while in such a extravagant outfit.

(photo credit to STYLE.com)

***Also, McQueen designed an Egg Chair with Houndstooth print in the past, and now it is being sold again in the upcoming months in the London and New York stores. If there is one piece I need to complete my apartment, it is this, but I do not think that I can go without paying rent for 4 months to get it. (IT EVEN HAS SKULL ZIPPERS!!!)***

I was not questioning his vision at all because of the Houndstooth print being so dear to the Alabama culture, I feel that is time we bring the Couture back into the South.
From the days of Plantation Homes to the now days of Haute Couture. Why shouldn't people dress this lavish now and feel comfortable?

I think fashion has turned into something that certain people are afraid of, and that should not be the case. When the paranoia of what you're wearing comes, then Fashion is not doing it's job anymore. It is defeating the purpose of self-expression and standing out because of a color you think looks good or a pattern you like a lot. Sometimes the wrong thing can be the perfect thing in Fashion.

I mean, I cannot count how many times I have gone back and contradicted myself on fads that I said I would never like and ended up trying anyway or fads that I thought were cool and no one else did not at the time, and then everyone started to pick it up.

My point is, don't care what you're wearing as long as you feel contented and you feel that it's you. & I think that President Dr. Witt should present Mr. McQueen with an invitation to a home game this season because I think he would appreciate & love to see all of the Houndstooth we have flying around this campus on a Game Day Weekend!

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