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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Come and Get It. If You Want It.

It's Official. The Marc and Gaga After-Party during Fashion Week
will be hosted at 'The Box' in NY.

Photo courtesy of theCUT

Also, Lady Gaga also has new headphones to be released in October from Dr. Dre's headphone line, Beats by Dr. Dre. They look insane, sort of like you have diamonds growing out of your eardrum...and who doesn't want that?! From $99-$149.99, will you buy a pair? I might just have to add them to my Christmas list. (MenStyle)

Photo courtesy of Beats by Dr. Dre and Men.Style.com

In sad Fashion News, Kristin Davis' (SATC) self-titled clothing line will be discontinued after it's Fall 2009 line this year. She was rumored to show at Fashion Week,...this upcoming week, and instead she has said that the line will be ending. It seemed like the line did pretty well, but since it had only been picked up by Belk stores, the range and customer size was sort of small.
Best of luck for 2nd SATC Movie Kristin! (theCUT)

In good/mixed feelings Fashion News, Lindsay Lohan has been named "Artistic Advisor" for Emanuel Ungaro. So now she works for the man (Mounir Moufarriage) who fired K Lag from Chloe, Watch Out! (theCUT)

Photo courtesy of Emanuel Ungaro.

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