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Monday, September 14, 2009


I am officially obsessed with the new THOM BROWNE stuff even through I will not be able to afford a piece for a while. I was hoping he would step outside the box with something soon, like maybe neon socks with spikes or something emerging from those short pants of his, but this is just as good. I have to say that the yellow trench, the polka dots on EVERYTHING, and the sunglass/hat are my favorites. (See below)

ALEXANDER WANG, I don't feel that I have to even explain myself on this one.
The style is intricate and simple all at the same time. My motto. Insane. (below)

TOP 5 LOOKS (according to ME)

NICOLE MILLER, the pieces of clothing in this collection look like they could be put on hangers and hung on your wall and used as pieces of art. The prints used is out of this world, AND that's what it remind me of. The prints used look like the universes and the colors used in nature/sci-fi art. (below)

TOP 2 LOOKS (according to ME)

BAND OF OUTSIDERS, -No explanation needed. If I EVER need a suit when I get into the business world, there is no doubt that I would go to THOM or BOO first.
This collection seems to have suits, but also a laid back look to it, AND the suits with shorts are still around so of course I'm in Love. (below)

TOP 2 LOOKS (according to me)

(ALL PHOTO CREDIT to : Style.com/Men.Style.com)

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