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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is Blood the New Black?

I have recently been bitten by the HBO series True Blood, and I'm hooked. I am currently catching up to the point the season is at now, and I can't stop watching. Every time I have down time, I am watching. Which got me thinking...the Fashion of this show is so particular and has style of its own. Which also got the thinking...that a designer should do a True Blood inspired line. The outfits the characters have a relaxed and trendy feel. From the flirty dresses worn by Sookie Stackhouse, Anna Paquin's character on the show, Bill Compton's, Stephen Moyer, henleys, leather jackets, and jeans, and the continuous plaid button ups worn by her boss, Sam Merlotte, Sam Trammell, the show is always up to the latest in's and out's on the scene.

(ALL True Blood photos credit to : HBO)

Vampire looks have been projected before and Twilight even has an inspired line of makeup coming this Fall.

The True Blood promotional pictures look like they could be a look book alone.
Have a look!

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