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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Party in the U.S.A., or NY at least.

-Trouble in Proenza-dise?! (NyMag)

Through interviews about their Spring 2010 Collection, the two designers of the team bicker about what is going on. Hmm...Darn, I hope their line DOES NOT suffer at all, as for their "other" relationship, that would not be horrible for...me if it did happen to END. :-)

SPOTTED>Lady Gaga was spotted in a Fall 2009 Marc Jacobs cape.
GA GA on the Marc Front Row? Please say Yes.

ALSO, V Magazine is holding a contest for 2 VIP tickets to the MJ/Gaga shindig on Monday night! The tickets will go to the fan who submits their diehard love for with the best Poker Face. Just Kidding, I didn't read the rules, but here's the LINK.

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