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Monday, July 20, 2009

When in the Hills..., & who wears Short Shorts?!

POLO Ralph Lauren created a casual preppy version of the "Converse" looking All Stars. They also named it the Ralph Lauren Conrad shoe. ---but apparently, they did not intend for it to be named after Lauren Conrad herself. It's just a shoe, and just a shoe apparently, Sorry LC.

Stella McCartney has new ads featuring...Bambi. Can you say 'The Wonderful World of' Couture?
(story and photo courtesy of theCUT NYMag)

NEW STUDY : Are suits with shorts instead of full-length trousers acceptable for the workplace for Men? (article @ Financial Times)
Apparently...because they're all over the runway. But, they also have capes, vampire and joker makeup, and lion heads so maybe the Fashion world just might have to wait a little while before everyone accepts men in S&S. (Shorts & Suits)
(pictures below, courtesy of Men.Style.com)
(Louis Vuitton,(2) Tim Hamilton,(1) Calvin Klein(2))

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