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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something Like a Phenomena.


Conde' Nast soon plans to shut down Men.Style.com and give GQ and Details their own websites. My only 2 questions are --- "Where will the coverage/photos and videos of shows go?" & "Will Men.style.com/blog still alive? -But, other than that, Good move on their part I guess. Maybe this means more jobs are opening up for fashion online journalists?! ...cough cough. :-) (NyMagBlog)

The CROCS company is heading down a landslide, and QUICK!...YES! (NyMagBlog)

The September Issue will be on DVD quickly after it's theatrical release?! Take it up with (Fashionista), cause I'm just reporting what they said. I'm hoping so!

But, in other Fashion DVD news, did anyone else know that the Anna Wintour 60 Minutes is on Amazon?! I about flipped out. I guess I'll just have to add it to my cart whenever the September Issue is also released. (Amazon) (September Issue site)

Oh Yeah, and Taylor Lautner has a new interview in the latest issue of (INTERVIEW)...need I say more?...I think not.

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