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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Know You See Me Lookin' at You and You Already Know...

This Just In...

Rihanna wore "star pasteys" under her Blazer on the Fourth of July at a party... Festive or Trashy? I think after the year, she's had, she should have that Vogue cover by now...I mean, come on Anna!
From Rocking Balmain ALL YEAR, bringing denim cut offs back, and wearing the Dolce & Gabbana tux to the Gala, and now star pasteys...send her the memo to meet you on the 12th Floor!

(Story @ the Style.comBlog)

Cameron is on the cover of V and channelling her inner "Material Girl". Oh My.

(Story @ Fashionista)

Miley has made it to ELLE!!!
And with the Max Azria/ Wal-Mart line ahead of her, I have a new respect.

(Story from ELLE)

(&) LAST, but certainly NOT least, Ben Westwood, Vivienne's son, has decided to start a Menswear line to be presented at the next Fall Men's Fashion Week. Maybe I should start saving up now because from this early sketch of his trench, I am going to Obsessed, and this sounds like a piece to Collect. Like Mother, like Son I guess... (story @ Men.Style)

& Oh Yeah!!! Rupert Grint, Ron Weasley from the Happy Potter films contracted the Swine Flu, but he's sure to survive, I mean, he's Wizard, right?! (STORY)

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