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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Everyone Knows Everyone

I ♥ NY...Because Conde Nast is there, and that = GQ, and that = !!!
Confusing Yes, but this isn't...(just follow the pictures and you will soon find how amazing it is)
The August GQ looks amazing...
Chaning Tatum, Zooey Deschanel, and Hunter Parrish all pages away!!!
This could be one of my favorite issues of all time!
We will have to see...here are some pictures I saw updated this morning to my News Feed. (below) (Courtesy of GQ)

The "EPIC" HollisterCo. opened in NYC yesterday and quoting theCUT, they said it could be called "Epically Awkward". With guys and girls walking around 75% naked and greeting people who walk in the store, or should I say "pier"(?), it should be exciting to see how the business goes because I don't think NY is really up for the "Hey What's Up?!" yet.
(photo courtesy of theCUT NYMag)

ALSO! I used an application of Facebook recently showing me how creepily all of my friends and I are all connected/intertwined. Look at this!

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