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Monday, June 1, 2009

You know the ONLY Reason Anyone watched the Movie Awards was for the New Moon Trailer...

MTV MOVIE AWARDS!!! - May 31, 2009!

Host : Andy Samberg, funny at times, but was sort of a mess. The jokes were either hit-or-miss...

Anyway, this year everything was definitely about the cast of "Twilight"
They won Best Movie, Best Kiss, Best Male Performance, Best Female Performance, and others. 
Bruno also made an appearance and 3-D Experience in Eminem's face as he was dropped from the ceiling into his lap!
LeAnn Rimes and Chris Issak also covered Andy Samberg's SNL Digital Short songs such as "Dick in a Box", "I Jizzed in My Pants", "The Chronic-ales" of Narnia", & "I'm on a Boat".
THEN Two of my FAVORITE people in the World presented an award together...Leighton Meester and Lil' Wayne. I almost died. I was glued to the television for the entire 5 minutes! Maybe a Leighton/Lil' collab. in the future for his or her album?! I CAN ONLY HOPE!!! 
Then there was the Red Carpet, which is at the beginning of the show, but since I'm tired of typing now, I'll add it in right here! 
These are my favorite picks,...Yes, they may a little bias, but whatever, they all do look great, right?! Exactly!!

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