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Friday, June 17, 2011

Gaga Jerky, James Franco shoots a Menswear Daze for ELLE, & Florence Welch is Touring in Gucci.

Gaga Jerky 'on the Edge', James Franco shoots Agyness Deyn as James Dean for ELLE and also sells his body for a good cause.

Lady Gaga has released another video from her ballad filled 'Born This Way'.
"The Edge of Glory"

& Gaga's infamous meat-dress has been turned into jerky to be displayed in the
Rock n' Roll's Hall of Fame. Definitely some 5-Star jerky in my opinion.

"Raw Raw Raw Raw Raw meat..."

Jerky gone 'Gaga'.

Lady Gaga and Cher at the 2010 MTV VMA's.

James Franco shot Agyness Deyn for ELLE JULY 2011 in a Menswear/James Dean inspired shoot.

I am jealous,...to say the least.
Franco also supported amFAR (an AIDS research non-profit) at a Gala/benefit by auctioning off a PERSONAL photo shoot with himself and the winner.
The winning bid went for $17,000!
(Story from the GQ Eye)

***Also spotted speaking with Ke$ha at the event, which is actually more interesting than the price tag on that photo shoot, well to me anyway!

(Photos: Style.com)

News was recently released that the beauty that is Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine will be wearing Gucci on her Summer 2011 tour. I can't think of anything better.

Florence in VOGUE JULY 2011 at the Met Gala for "Savage Beauty".
(Personal photo taken on Fusioncam)

A sketch of a look for Florence from GUCCI.

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