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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Art Collecting or Fashion?

Yes, I am a male.
& Yes, I wear women's clothing from time to time, but in the name of fashion, and not in any way for drag purposes.

Some pieces are just too amazing to pass up.
-just like these SUPER KINNY PRINTED Stretch Jean from Tory Burch.

Available for pre-order at toryburch.com for $225.
A little pricey for me to spend on my jeans, but these just seem like a pair that will stand out and be an piece I will want to have for a while.
Like art collecting!

Denim in general, men and womens, is something I have always admired because it can be made personal and into a sense of style to accommodate for one's "feel".

...to be continued on whether I make the $225 plunge or not!

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