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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Fourth from StopTalking!, Reserve- Public Bikes (!!!), The Real Royal Wedding, & Givenchy/Dior (without Galliano) Couture 2011.

Happy Belated Fourth!!!

First, let me start off by saying Happy Fourth to all the American readers out there! I had my first Fourth with a roommate. We had a great time getting used to a new place and having an all around good time whilst enjoying good drinks and food!

Made burgers on the grill...all by myself!
Relaxing with a reptilian guest a get together in an amazing Man-cave!
Clarissa's hardwork on her firework cookies!
Clarissa and I
My room...still under creative construction.

Public Bikes x Reserve29

This deal from Reserve|Refinery29 showed up on my Twitter feed yesterday, and I could not wait to share it with StopTalking. The bike company out of San Francisco, Public Bikes, is coming together with Refinery29 for an exclusive deal ending on July 12, 2011. The deal gives members on Reserve $200 with Public Bikes for the bike of their dreams for spending $100! Now, you too can have the perfect summer vintage looking bike without spending a fortune to fix one up with fresh paint and parts. This is a deal that must not go overlooked! Check it out!

A Real Royal Wedding

Just 3 months ago people could not stop talking about "The Royal Wedding" of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and now a wedding that I consider to be royal has just passed. The wedding of Jamie Hince of the Kills and Kate Moss took place on July 1, 2011. With Kate being a longtime friend and companion/muse to recently ex-designer to the House of Dior, Mr. John Galliano, it was perfect for him to be the designer of her wedding gown. Forbes reported that Moss' gown and ring were inspired by wife of author, F. Scott Fitzgerald's, Zelda Fitzgerald. I consider this to be a real royal wedding because of the long line of rocker/model weddings in the past. Jamie Hince and Kate Moss are two of the most influential contenders in the worlds of music and fashion and I hope they are very happy together!

Dior Couture 2011- Moon Mobile headpieces and Pastel Disappointments

I've been trying to catch up with Couture week and I have decided to pick one of my favorites and one of my...not so favorites. It's no secret that the fashion world has been holding its' breath until the next collection for Dior withOUT Galliano in charge was to be presented. It shows without Galliano at Dior that holding our breathes was no understatement. The complete aesthetic that Galliano tried to return the House to under his reign is no longer existent with Dior Couture 2011. I'm not really sure how to describe the collection other than that I was overwhelmed at the neglect to style in the past that has been (in a way) thrown out the window. Palettes inspired by pop patterns from the 80's and geometric shapes and (galaxy mobiles) on the models heads, the collection was disappointing to me.

R.I.P. Galliano x Dior

Givenchy Couture 2011 - Structure/Flow and silhouette of a Powerful Woman

Riccardo Tisci seems to never disappoint me when it comes to presenting Couture or RTW, & Couture 2011 did not change my feelings with that statement. Keeping with the structure in length of the designs of the past few Couture shows and powerful aspect of a woman with exposed shoulders and precise detailing keep Givenchy classic and rising. Tisci, rumored to have been approached to come to Dior after the split of Galliano and Dior in March, he recently made it known to readers in Interview magazine, interviewed by Donatella Versace in the June 2011 issue-that he was happy at Givenchy and it will take him a lot for him to leave the House.

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