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Thursday, July 14, 2011

SUMMER 2011 : Mix One

A little old, a little new, fast, and slow. All the great qualities of a nice relaxing summer mix.

WASHED OUT - "Amor Fati"
Washed Out has been one of my favorite 2010/2011 discovery bands. Proenza Schouler used them in a fashion film for their 2010 FW ad campaign video and I found them on Hypemachine last year when I was in need of a new mellow band to drive to.

LADY GAGA - "The Edge of Glory", "Hair", "Bloody Mary", & "Heavy Metal Lover"
From ballad status songs like "Edge of Glory" and "Hair" - to turning the controversial story of Mary Magdalene into a screaming hit ("Bloody Mary") that helped my trip to the Vatican even more meaningful and entertaining, and using bondage like themes and lyrics pertaining to group sex in "Heavy Metal Lover" add the perfect amount of taboo to make the bass pump for the entire song.

THE KILLS "Satellite"
The Kills first single off of "Blood Pressures" sets the tone of a return of Jamie Hince and Allison Mosshart since "Sour Cherry" and "U R A Fever". The return of the Kills has made my summer that much better.

The classic tune of Fleetwood Mac's ballad "The Chain" is so hauntingly good that I even made a mix with only it on the tracklist.

FLORENCE+THE MACHINE "Howl" (Live at Bonnaroo 2011)
Florence Welch's "Howl" is amazing as a studio version, and this just shows that the talent never stops with this live version from this summer's Bonnaroo 2011.

SKRILLEX "Died this Way"
Enough said. The screaming doesn't even get to me anymore.

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