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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Voguepedia, "Peck Specs", "Savage Beauty", & Birimingham Fashion Week 2011.

-VOGUEpedia is OPEN! -After launching their own website at the end of last year, Vogue.com has launched Voguepedia, which holds VOGUE archives where visitors can base their search on designer, brand, model, "personality", and beauty.

-Oliver Peoples trademarks The "Gregory Peck" specks. (For a limited time!) Now you can go on a 'Roman Holiday' or channel the style of Atticus Finch during the great depression-('To Kill a Mockingbird').

THE Gregory Peck.
Oliver Peoples "Peck" specs.

-McQ of Alexander McQueen has launched their own Official Tumblr with links to their Facebook, Twitter, and video sharing sites, YouTube and Vimeo. Welcome to social networking you dreaming masters of fashion, you! Photographer, Niall O'Brien took a trip of spontaneity with the world of McQ up the Western U.S. coast to create campaigns pairing small town scenery with raw imagery to create genius works of art and branding. ALSO -(old news, but,) Alexander McQueen - "Savage Beauty" was this year's Met Ball exhibit inspiration. The genius work of the late Alexander McQueen opened on May 4 (and will run until) July 11 at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met Store even has tiny McQueenadillo ornaments, a book featuring the work displayed in the exhibit, "Savage Beauty", and other gifts. Must haves for any fan of the journey/work of Alexander McQueen!

UPDATE: After already having 150,000 visitors to the McQueen Met exhibit only one month into its' showing- the exhibit has been extended until August 7!! -Giving the world to get up close and personal with this genius work for almost one full month!
Photos by Niall O'Brien (3 photos above).
Works of the late McQueen at the Met exhibit. (4 photos above)
Holographic image of McQueen's "Savage Beauty" cover (L) SS10 McQueenadillo ornament (R)

-Also, a little personal news/catch-up...I got to sit in the pit for MyScoop.us press for the first annual Birmingham Fashion Week on April 29, 2011. The collections of designers such as Leona, Project Runway contestant and well-known Bridal gown designer, Heidi Elnora, the menswear boutique in Birmingham, Shaia's, and up and comer designers like winner of the Design Star of BFW11', William Bradley, were shown. Click here for more information about Birmingham Fashion Week!

Leona (Above).
Shaia's (L) Heidi Elnora (R)
Heidi Elnora, Jeana Lee Fleming, and Lauren Leonard of Leona (L). Angel Vuong and I (R).

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