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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blonde Bombshells for Spring!

First off, I'd like to start by apologizing for my absence for almost an ENTIRE MONTH from StopTalking. I really can't pinpoint a concrete reason other than a lack of news I found worthy of posting or just laziness. Sorry either way! :(

Secondly, THIS. (below)
Yeah, just James being himself, hitting on himself in a mirror. He's just that good.

And now I'll spit out some news I guess...
-Blake Lively is Chanel S11 Handbag Ad Campaign's lucky lady! :) But is it any surprise? I think I recall reading an article where Karl said he "adored" her and I knew something had to happen. Plus all the Paris Haute Couture BFF time with Anna this past summer...
& I've recently become obsessed with MAD MEN, so of course it would only become a matter of time that I become obsessed with January Jones and her
House of Versace-muse-flawlessness.
Donatella has named January the Model for the Versace S11 Ad campaign (!!!YAY!!!)...also not groundbreaking since Donatella and January are attached at the hip and January has been draped in Versace everywhere! Who can forget the already infamous blue Emmy gown. She and Blake both such timeless looks. I guess blonde is in for Spring...also, not a surprise.

UPDATE: (December 18 --- The first images of the campaign have been released. (below).)

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