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Saturday, September 22, 2012

From Past to Future: Prada, Alexander Wang, & Proenza Schouler SS13


Black and White - GLOW IN THE DARK. Everything was monochromatic, in true Alexander Wang fashion--until the lights turned off and everything was electric. Dresses with invisible glow in the dark cut-outs- all perfect for the silhouette. The silhouettes were very strong and dominating and nothing too tight fitting, also true to the Wang girl's style. Even though the garments aren't too tight; the shoes however have thigh buckles and stick with the cut-out theme giving a futuristic glambot S&M vibe. See for yourself with the video below!

Photos via VOGUE & GuestofaGuest




Jack and Lazaro of Proenza Schouler also had a monochromatic mix at the beginning of the presentation with looks coordinating of two colors at once then moving into different textures with focus on technology and photography. Images of groups of people displayed on dresses with circular cut-outs - letting the audience know that Big Brother is always watching... Proenza Schouler is never afraid to use color, patterns, & most of all different textures. The circular cut outs/crochets give the collection a nice industrial vibe from the hardware.

Photos via VOGUE 





Japanese art like prints with monochromatic use of black and white - and also bright red lips. Mod style sunglasses and sixties iconography daises. Rubber like shoes adding to full effect feminizing the look to the extreme. Miucci seems to be playing with the decades for the past few seasons. Fall 2012 was all about bold prints and colors focusing on long trenches and two piece suits empowering a seventies silhouette. Spring 2012 was time for the fifties drive-in/Americana auto inspired collection. Now for the artsy, sophisticated Prada girl who doesn't mind showing some leg!

Photos via VOGUE





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