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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CFDA VOGUE Fashion Fund Time!

The CFDA/VOGUE Fashion Fund is one of the most prestigious awards given out to designers on the rise who will eventually blow up into a Fashion World Phenomenon ( as shown by previous winners, such as Proenza Schouler and Alexander Wang). Along with the title, which states (a fund is involved), the winner is awarded $200,000 to establish their brand and is pretty much given mentoring from inside the Fashion world to succeed and make themselves more well known.

This year, Alabama Chanin, which is based in Florence, Alabama itself, has been nominated for the second time for the award and will hopefully win.
Fabric and stitch work are a big deal and when it comes down to it, it is looked at as a quality of a designer's work as a whole. If something is poorly made, it can look rushed or thrown together, and who wants to wear clothes will eventually fall apart and not stay around and be classic pieces forever?!

This is definitely not the case here, Natalie Chanin, who started quilting and then moved onto to clothing, has an eye for quality, and it is clear in her work.
Check out the Alabama Chanin blog! (Alabama Studio Style)

Not only because I am from Alabama, (which I do not like to bring up unless necessary), because most know that Alabama is not close to a mecca for Fashion, do I want Natalie to win, but mostly because I have actually done my research on the designers nominated, and I feel that her work is the most precise, detailed, and inventive, and that's what matters most right?!

Others I considered for the award were Gary Graham, (1st photo below), Simon Spurr of Spurr (2nd photo below), and Patrik Ervell, (3rd photo below) (yes, the last two are
Menswear designers, and that's why I like them,)
but I still feel that Alabama Chanin can take the win this year!
Check out all of the nominees here.
The winner and runner-ups will be announced at a gala in NY on Nov. 16th.

& who knows, maybe I'll be able to interview Natalie herself
one day(?!)...that would be an amazing opportunity. Fingers crossed.

(Photo credit to Alabama Chanin, CFDA, and VOGUE/Style.com)

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