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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Roman Godfrey is my Menswear Spirit Animal.

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Style Inspiration

The styling of fictional characters in film and television has always been one of my favorite ways of coinciding fashion and art. The wardrobe of a character brings so much more to the character's personality and can even tell a story of its' own without the character's help.

I recently started the Netlix Original series "Hemlock Grove" created by Eli Roth. The main (& my favorite) character, "Roman Godfrey" played by Bill Skarsgard (*brother of True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard) plays a spoiled son of his deceased father who ran the leading scientific lab corporation in Hemlock Grove. Godfrey's style is simple and classic yet on trend in the way of modern Menswear. His style consists of long coats, tailored pants, and classic tees & is perfect for the theme of the eerie-ness of the show and especially perfect for looking suave while brooding and lurking in shadows in classic Hollywood menswear film-noir like style (i.e. Marlon Brando, and James Dean).

Black laceups by Crockett & Jones
'Rock n' Roll' jacket & trousers by McQ

Military parka by McQ / Tonal Hardware Leather jacket by Balenciaga

Mp3 from Soundcloud
Photos from Barneys NewYork and McQ

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