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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Courtney Love's attempt at a new medium & Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Courtney Love is no stranger to all things controversial, and now she is giving her go at another medium. "And She's Not Even Pretty" is the title of the artist's art show on display in Manhattan at Fred Torres Collaborations. The collection consists of about 45 or more drawings/paintings mostly female nudes draped with lyrics and poems. Many of the pieces seem to be small scale depictions of famous females in art's past (nudes, nude women weeping, nude women on couches) - all done with great proportion in shape. Of course the collection is sexualized and explicit or it wouldn't be Love's! Those who have even seen Love's "Dirty Blonde" book released in 2006 will be able to recognize her raw penmanship in the pieces. The collection is only display until June 15


Anna Dello Russo for H & M (!!!!!!) Now you can also wear fruit on your head (or wrist) with the Vogue Japan editor/fashion icon's new Fall 2012 accessories for H & M. In the video below, ADR talks about her style and how her closet is a "fashion biblioteca" (fashion library) as she shows her headpieces, stockings, swimsuits, and jewelry and explains how her style, furniture, and children's pop-up books brought inspiration for the collection.

(Some pieces from the collection: clutches, sunglasses, animal cuff bracelets, and heels.) 

(Photo/Video credit: Huffington Post, Youtube, Anna Dello Russo, H&M, Gothamist.com, FredTorres.com)

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